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A Cobalt (II) complex with a 16-membered octa...

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A Cobalt (II) complex with a 16-membered octa...

A Cobalt (II) complex with a 16-membered octaazatetradentatemacrocyclic shiff base lygand

Author Name : Rajeev Kumar Singh

Co (II) complexes with a tetradantate nitrogen donor octaazamacrocyclic ligand was  synthesized. The formula of the complex was derived on the basis of elemental analysis. It was found to be of the type [Co(L)X2] (L=16-membered Octaaza macrocyclic ligand obtained by the metal ion catalysed template Schiff base condensation of diacetyl with hydrazine. Molar conductance  data (8 S cm2 mol-1) indicate the complex to be non-electrolytic in nature. Magnetic moment data for the complex was found to be 4.85 B.M. Electronic spectral studies reveal octahedral stereochemistry for the complex. Infrared spectra suggest co-ordination to take place with nitrogen donor atoms. Axial coordination is satisfied with chlorine/acetate ions.