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Causes of Preference of Private Schools over ...

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Causes of Preference of Private Schools over ...

Causes of Preference of Private Schools over State Aided Schools

Author Name : Indrajit Halder, Dr. Kushal De


Education has played a mammoth role in social, cultural and economic wellbeing of the Indian civilization since time immemorial. The emergence of private educational institutions is relatively new in India and can be traced back to the British days but the new institutions have gained enormous popularity in recent times. The present study makes an attempt to review the causes of preference of private schools over government schools by lower middle class parents. The findings show that the sample feel that studying in private schools would make their children smart, well conversant in English and have a better future. The perks and benefits offered by the government schools were inadequate for the sample as they believe that better infrastructure and exposure to English were more essential for their upcoming generation.

Keywords: culture, education, English medium, expenditure, lifestyle, values.