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Courts and Colorable legislations in India

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Courts and Colorable legislations in India

Courts and Colorable legislations in India

Author Name : Dr. Ravishankar K. Mor

On 26th November 1949 in the constituent assembly we adopted, enacted and gave to ourselves the Constitution. With the application of constitution from 26th January 1950 we enter into a new era of Parliamentary democracy with federal form of government. Federal form of government has two or more levels of government. Each level of government has its own jurisdiction (area of control). The jurisdiction of the respective levels of government is specified in the Constitution. The main feature of federalism is the segregation of power between the Centre and the states. There was consensus on power sharing federal form of government even before independence. Leaders were aware of the regional and linguistic diversity. The Constituent Assembly decided to form a government that would be based on the principles of unity and cooperation between the Centre and the states which was to have constitutional status and a clearly identified area of activity.