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Start up Cost constraint Optimization using L...

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Start up Cost constraint Optimization using L...

Start up Cost constraint Optimization using Lagrangian Algorithm for Unit Schedule in Electrical Power System

Author Name : Navpreet Singh Tung, Ashutosh Bhadoria, Anant Bhardwaj

ABSTRACT: Electricity companies typically possess numerous units and they need to commit units because electricity cannot be stored in a large-scale system and demand is a random variable process fluctuating with the time of the day and the day of the week. A problem that must be frequently resolved by a electricity utility is to economically determine a schedule of what units will be used to meet the forecasted demand, and satisfy operating constraints such as start up cost, over a short time horizon. This problem is commonly referred to as the unit commitment (UC)problem. Lagrangian algorithm is one of the technique based on equal IC of fuel input for the units in operation. It is helpful for the optimium load sharing among units, with satisfying constraints under different environment. Simulation algorithm is prepared in this paper, keeping start up cost constraint optimization and simulation is done with Matlab for standard set of Units. Optimized IC and load sharing values are extracted sharing different start up cost. Different IC values are extracted for different load demands.