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Analysis of Vendor Managed Inventory System E...

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Analysis of Vendor Managed Inventory System E...

Analysis of Vendor Managed Inventory System Element Using ANOVA Method: A Case Study

Author Name : Jitender, Sh. Vijay Kumar, Parteek

ABSTRACT  In Vendor managed inventory a supplier of good ,usually the manufacturer, is responsible for optimizing the inventory held by a distributor.VMI requires a communication link-typically electronic data interchange or the internet –that provide the supplier with the distributor sales and inventory data it needs to plan inventory and place order. in contrast ,under the traditional arrangement the distributor handle those tasks The inventory can be owned by the distributor, or by the supplier . In this paper survey of 20 industries was carried out. On the basis of the mean calculated for different elements of VMI on 0-80 scale, all the elements were analyzed and plotted on a scatter chart, from where most important and less difficult elements were found out. Analysis of the data has done with the help of the XY Scatter Chart which is drawn between importance as abscissa and difficulty as . . After identifying the elements from XY scatter chart, apply the ANOVA analysis on those elements. From the result of the ANOVA analysis, we have checked the value is significant. This study help in finding VMI element which are most important and easy to implement