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Genetic Traits and Disorder Analysis through ...

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Genetic Traits and Disorder Analysis through ...

Genetic Traits and Disorder Analysis through Survey in Individuals of Various Families at Thalassery, Kannur District, Kerala

Author Name : Seema Gupta, Bhramacharini Sheela, Nandana P, Nandana K, Sruthi M, Adith R, Akshaya P, Anagha P, Anamika BV, Ananya P, Avanthika S, Nihariga A M


Genetics is a topic of fine research and development in many sectors of biotechnology, molecular biology, medical biology and evolution. In the similar interest the present research work focus on to study and analyse the various traits or characteristics along with genetic disorders in individuals from 38 families of kannur dictrict. Herein, survey methodology based on phenotypic characters have generated data for further studies on the topics mentioned before. Altogether nine traits and eight disorders are included in this study. Some of the traits are found to be common character between most of the individuals of the studied families. Few traits are very rarely seen and finally one trait is found to be nilling among the population. Only one genetic disorder is traced, this may be due to insufficient data collected as a result of non-reveiling the facts by individuals.

Key words: Genetic trait, Chromosomal disorders, Mendelian disorders, phenotype, survey.