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A Comprehensive Study on Nuisance, Health and...

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A Comprehensive Study on Nuisance, Health and...

A Comprehensive Study on Nuisance, Health and Hygiene System in India

Author Name : Renu Chaudhary

ABSTRACT: In this manuscript, the authors have performed a comprehensive study on nuisance, health & hygiene system in India. Good health is the fundamental right of every human being. Internal and external growth of a person is not possible without good health. Good health is essential to lead both a quality and successful life. Beyond being a personal responsibility, health is a national and international responsibility, and also, a worldwide social goal. This conclusion about health is a selection of the latest view on this issue. Health is a topic about which different schools of thoughts have existed right from the early days. A conservative interpretation of health had been “absence of disease”. At times, indifferent attitude of the people towards health has also been discussed. Much dissimilarity exists in different definitions and standards of health. Spread of education and awareness has brought a positive change in the overall attitude of individuals, governments and social organizations towards health, and targets have been set to achieve not only “health”, but “optimum health” for people.