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A Comprehensive Survey on Wireless Sensor Net...

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A Comprehensive Survey on Wireless Sensor Net...

A Comprehensive Survey on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Security

Author Name : Sumit Kumar, Sumeer Kumar

ABSTRACT In this article, the authors have performed a comprehensive survey on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Security. The emergence of sensor networks as one of the dominant technology trends in the coming decades has posed numerous unique challenges to researchers. These networks are likely to be composed of hundreds, and potentially thousands of tiny sensor nodes, functioning autonomously, and in many cases, without access to renewable energy resources. Cost constraints and the need for ubiquitous, invisible deployments will result in small sized, resource-constrained sensor nodes. While the set of challenges in sensor networks are diverse, we focus on security of Wireless Sensor Network in this paper. We propose some of the security goal for Wireless Sensor Network. Further, security being vital to the acceptance and use of sensor networks for many applications; we have made an in depth threat analysis of Wireless Sensor Network. We also propose some countermeasures against these threats in Wireless Sensor Network.