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A Study on Students Perception towards Advert...

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A Study on Students Perception towards Advert...

A Study on Students Perception towards Advertisements in Newspapers

Author Name : Monika

ABSTRACT: Advertising today is the fastest growing industry in India. Imagining a business without advertising is unreal. Apart from print advertising, advertisers have other options of advertising i.e. outdoor advertising, online advertising etc. but print advertising is the oldest of all & still has an effective place of its own in the advertising field. This study is an attempt to find out readership of newspapers as well as readership of advertisements in these newspapers. Descriptive survey method was used for this study. 200 post grad students of MDU were taken on the basis purposive sampling techniques. The findings of the study revealed that Hindi newspapers have more readership among students. Maximum are occasional readers/viewers in newspapers & prefer product ads devoting up to 15 minutes to newspaper reading for information purpose only.