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Aesthetic Rehabilitation with Fixed Appliance...

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Aesthetic Rehabilitation with Fixed Appliance...

Aesthetic Rehabilitation with Fixed Appliance in Primary Dentition

Author Name : Dr. Swati Sharma, Dr. Abhishek Anand, Dr. Surendra Prasad, Dr. Kunal Kumar, Dr. Sumit Kumar Yadav, Dr. Achla Bharti Yadav

ABSTRACT: The arch length integrity in the primary, mixed and early permanent dentition is of great significance for the normal development of the occlusion. Premature tooth loss can result in the arch length discrepancy which may lead to malocclusion. Early loss of posterior teeth results in space loss complications while anterior teeth loss result in psychological, functional and aesthetic disturbances which causes negative impact on the behavior of the child. The following case report describes management of severe early childhood caries(S-ECC) with fixed appliance in primary dentition.