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Agricultural Policy-A New Sun Shining in Indi...

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Agricultural Policy-A New Sun Shining in Indi...

Agricultural Policy-A New Sun Shining in Indian Economy by Various New Methodology And Advance Scientific Technology for Better Human Growth, Sustainable Economy and Secure Future.

Author Name : Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya, Bhavneet Kaur Sachdev


Agriculture is the mainstay on which the Indian Economy depends. Agriculture in India can be traced back to the time of Indus valley civilization, Agriculture in ancient was regarded as a prestigious professional until the British colony entered and changed the whole scenario which continues till today . Agricultural sector has under gone many changes and have transformation , today the agriculture sector suffers due to poor irrigation facilities , lack of water  management facilities , lack of skill development , infrastructure issues , gender inequality and many other problems, The government has taken many initiatives to improve the condition of Agro Industry ,  which has helped the farmers to some extent .We require better banking and land insurance system with skill development schools for farmers, space agriculture , mountain agriculture should be the main target for now , providing national certificate to farmers for their contribution, transform labour culture to bring in efficient and growth in an sustainable manner , new banking rules under RBI guidelines for rural bank, crop bank , fertilizer bank , set up BNA based research for agro Industry .

Keywords: Agriculture, economy, heritage, rural Bank, crop bank, poor irrigation facilities, lack of infrastructure,  land insurance