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Agriculture Resources Mobilization through In...

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Agriculture Resources Mobilization through In...

Agriculture Resources Mobilization through Industrial Infrastructure in Haryana - A Regional Analysis

Author Name : Manjeet Kumar, Lalit Kumar

ABSTRACT The paper examines the spatial dimension of agricultural resources mobilization through agro-based industrial infrastructure in Haryana. In order to analysis the agricultural produce mobilization through related industries, a co-efficient of correlation between five major crop-production and related number of agro-based industries has been worked out. The study is based on secondary sources of data, collected from statistical abstract of Haryana indicate a co-related values indicate the inferences of variability in agricultural resource mobilization. The numerical values of coefficient of correlation indicate a regional disparity in varied agricultural production and its produce required by the related agro-based industries. It is therefore, become an imperative to develop industrial infrastructure, and so that the agricultural produce may be mobilized within its vicinal areas. It may also lead to minimization of transport cost for the farmers. As a result, the farmers match fetches a remunerative price for their agricultural produces.