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An efficient image compression algorithm with...

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An efficient image compression algorithm with...

An efficient image compression algorithm with reduced complexity

Author Name : Madhu Sharma, Swati Jain

ABSTRACT: In the current scenario and with the increase in development and usage of internet and wide applications of multimedia technology, people can communicate through the digital multimedia information systems with others, very conveniently over the internet. In many cases, especially when we want to transmit a secure image data over a network and we don’t want that to be browsed or processed by illegal receivers. In such cases, we would opt for a secure transaction mechanism for data transmission. Therefore, the security of digital image attracts much attention recently and many different methods for image encryption have been proposed earlier also. Image encryption has been very difficult than that of texts due to some intrinsic features of images such as bulk data capacity, high correlation among pixels and high redundancy. So the computation time of these image compression methods has a vast role. In this paper, we have proposed the enhancement and modifications to reduce the computation time in the existing image encryption-decryption methods. For this improvement, we have focussed on the image compression properties of the Discrete Wavelet Transform.