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An empirical review of lean manufacturing and...

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An empirical review of lean manufacturing and...

An empirical review of lean manufacturing and their strategies

Author Name : Sanjeev Kumar

ABSTRACT:  The objective of this article is to recognize the idea of lean production, its philosophy, diverse tools and strategies, lean implementation benefits and barrier in the direction of lean implementation. main principles: Lean manufacturing via now's a broadly discussed and implemented manufacturing philosophy, in quite a few industries across the globe. The fundamental concept of lean manufacturing is to provide a great product whilst a dditionally ensuring that the product does no longer price too much to the client. Most organizations nowadays are going thru a stage wherein there may be a necessity to respond the rapidly changing consumer needs. To preserve their place inside the market, many businesses have commenced following the tilt production concept. Methodology of the studies: This article offers a assessment of the literature and attempts to pick out the important and useful contributions to this subject.