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An Experimental Investigation on tool Wear & ...

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An Experimental Investigation on tool Wear & ...

An Experimental Investigation on tool Wear & Effect of tool Indentation time on Tensile Strength of Friction Stir Welded Joint of Al 6061

Author Name : Dilbag Bhardwaj

ABSTRACT:   This research work contains the effect of tool indentation time on to the weld strength of friction stir welding (FSW). It also includes the investigation on tool wear of FSW tool. Al 6061 is selected as the base plate and it is welded by total five different tool geometry of conventional FSW tool namely cylindrical, cylindrical threaded, tapered, tapered threaded and square pin. For tensile testing of joint ASME-IX is adopted. It has been found that very negligible tool wear has been identified for all tools, minimum tool wear has been found for Square pin tool and 10 second of tool indentation time gives more strength compare to the 5 second of tool indentation time. Tool wear can be decreased by heat treatment of the tool.