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An Implementation of Secure Cloud Storage and...

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An Implementation of Secure Cloud Storage and...

An Implementation of Secure Cloud Storage and Retrieval system using Keyword based Ranking Search Mechanism

Author Name : Mr Pavan P Kashyap


In cloud computing world user stores the data in the cloud to enjoy cloud services and also to reduce the cost of maintaining own cloud storage. For this reason cloud service providers offer free cloud storage to users for mobility reasons. As we are aware that data user and cloud provider are not in the same domain for long time, hence stored data is under attack , for this reason cloud service providers encrypt there data and store it in the cloud. This is one kind of security which may protect data under threat. But during encryption time, the data that is encrypted may be exposed to attack. This causes loss of control of security for data owners view point. To avoid above said disadvantage of decryption, we use symmetric ranked searchable security scheme that overcomes this disadvantage. key words with priority are ranked in the order , when the keyword matches the search index the file gets downloaded automatically ,for this reason only the public key will be varied each and every time , otherwise this results in duplication with other users data also. Hence we overcome above disadvantage using ranked searchable symmetric encryption scheme.

Keywords—Keyword Ranking Search, Efficiency, Security, Scalabilit