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An insight on the advancements in Object Orie...

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An insight on the advancements in Object Orie...

An insight on the advancements in Object Oriented Programming-Teaching Methodolgies, Technology Inclusions and Applications

Author Name : Anuj Rastogi, Priyam Saxena

INTRODUCTION When the software industry was still in its infancy then the major attention of the newly evolved software was to deal with the then-prevailing problems of humans, as over work etc. But, with the growing age and thus, widening ratiocination of the humans towards the domain of software, it was realized that in the quest of attaining the goals the entities for whom the software was developed have lost their identity, in the course. Also, if the ulterior goal of software was to extend the benefit to the end consumers then, their inclusion as an integral part into programming was necessary. With this, in the dusk of the century, Object oriented programming (OOP) concept was proposed whose cynosure was less likely the goal but was the entity. With the belief that the information about the entity can equip a programmer to perform indefinite operations on it, has emanated and bolstered the pervasive use of OOP. Thus, through the passage of time OOP has found its way to become one of the most acceptable programming and design techniques. This paper is, thus, an attempt to project the power of OOP through various technological innovations incorporated into it and through the benchmark applications. The paper starts with the ideas prevailing to further expand this pragmatic programming technique to the students and its aspirants in the most novel ways.