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Analyse the Stress Concentration Effect of a ...

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Analyse the Stress Concentration Effect of a ...

Analyse the Stress Concentration Effect of a Perforated Plate under Uniaxial Loading Using Ansys

Author Name : Manju Saroha

ABSTRACT: It is a well-known fact that the presence of a hole introduces stress concentration around the hole boundary. The knowledge of stress concentration is very important to designers in solving many practical problems. The goal of this research was to create some comparative results with varying shape of hole and other dimensions like length and breadth using finite-element method with experimental results. For this we choose HT-9/2239 as material and finite element technique to get accurate results. Finite Element Method (FEM) is one of the numerical technique and very suitable in solving the continuum problem. A series of ANSYS elastic-plastic large deflection finite element analysis are carried out with varying the cutout size as well as plate dimensions. Than compare the results of all dimensions with varying conditions. At last the analysis of results gives us some graphical data and some graphics of stress concentration of figure under load.