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Awareness of Investment Vs Insurance Objectiv...

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Awareness of Investment Vs Insurance Objectiv...

Awareness of Investment Vs Insurance Objectives (Roi Vs Risk Coverage): Study of Delhi Based Investors.

Author Name : Dr. Vivek Babarao Khunkar, Dr. Raghvendra Gupta

ABSTRACT Good return is primary objective of any kind of investment. People put their money in financial instruments with anticipation of getting good return from the same. People compare investment with their opportunity cost that they carry in their mind. Normally people do not do proper analysis of opportunity cost as well. It is their bank interest rate that they always keep in mind while comparing investment options. It has also been seen that people has miss-conception about insurance product by default. In this study most of the respondents take it granted that their insurance policy is similar to their investment in any other financial instruments. There is a need to aware people about investment products and not to mix insurance products as their investment decision. A study has been conducted in a 5 star hotel in New Delhi, whereas 150 people were approached randomly. Choice of hotel was based on convenience of the author but choice of samples was based on probability sampling technique i.e. simple random sampling technique.