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Cephalometric Landmark Identification by Conv...

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Cephalometric Landmark Identification by Conv...

Cephalometric Landmark Identification by Conventional and Digital Direct Radiography in Skeletal Class II Individuals

Author Name : Dr. Davender Kumar, Dr. Ravinder Solanki, Dr. Rekha Sharma, Dr. Monika Khangwal, Dr. Vikas Berwal, Dr. Saurbh Gupta

ABSTRACT: Background. In this study manual and computerized tracing was done to evaluate comparative analysis of skeletal class II parameters using a Nemo tech software. Material and Method: Skeletal class II patient were evaluated for the analysis of sagittal parameters. 10 patient were evaluated and pretreatment digital cephalometric radiographs were taken together. Nemotechsoftware was used for computerizing tracing and manual tracing was done using 3H pencil. Result: All the data were subjected to statistical analysis and paired t test was used at level of significance(p> 0.05). Results finding the some cephalometric measurement were reproducible with manual traced radiograph and by computerized software. The assessment of intraobserver reproducibility showed an excellent Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC) in both methods. Conclusion: According to the finding of the study the new NX software advantageous to produce digital image achieving, transmission and enhancement of diagnosis in orthodontics. Keywords: Cephalometry, results reproducibility, radiography, computerized.