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CFD analysis of laminar heat transfer in a ch...

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CFD analysis of laminar heat transfer in a ch...

CFD analysis of laminar heat transfer in a channel provided with baffles: comparative study between two models of baffles: diamond-shaped baffles of different angle and rectangle

Author Name : Amit Garg, Sunil Dhingra, Gurjeet Singh

ABSTRACT In this research work heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics in a channel in the presence of a diamond-shaped baffles has been numerically investigated in the laminar flow regime. The computations are based on the finite volume method, the Navier Stokes equations along with the energy equation have been solved by using SIMPLE Technique. The unstructured triangular mesh is used for the computational domain. The fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics are presented for Reynolds numbers based on the hydraulic diameter of the channel ranging from 100 to 600. Effects of different baffle tip angles on heat transfer and pressure loss in the channel are studied and the results of the diamond baffle are also compared with those of the flat baffle. The velocity profiles were obtained for all the geometry considered and selected for different sections, namely, downstream and between the two baffles and the friction coefficients were obtained for different sections and for different Reynolds numbers. It is observed that apart from the rise of Reynolds number, the reduction of the baffle angle leads to an increase in the Nusselt number and friction factor.