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Conceptual Review of clustering techniques in...

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Conceptual Review of clustering techniques in...

Conceptual Review of clustering techniques in data mining field

Author Name : Divya Shree

The marvelous amount of data produced nowadays in various application domains such as molecular biology or geography can only be fully exploited by efficient and effective data mining tools. One of the primary data mining tasks is clustering, which is the task of partitioning points of a data set into distinct groups (clusters) such that two points from one cluster are similar to each other whereas two points from distinct clusters are not. Due to modern database technology, a large amount of complex objects from scientific, engineering or multimedia applications is stored in database systems. As a result, traditional clustering algorithms often fail to generate meaningful results, because in such high-dimensional feature spaces data does not cluster anymore. But usually, there are clusters embedded in lower dimensional subspaces, i.e. meaningful clusters can be found if only a certain subset of features is regarded for clustering. The subset of features may even be different for varying clusters.