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Design and Implementation of Biometric Authen...

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Design and Implementation of Biometric Authen...

Design and Implementation of Biometric Authentication for Accident Victim Using IoT

Author Name : Mr. S. Vijaya Kumar, Mr. Prasanna. A, Mr. Balaji. E, Mr. Arul Kumar. K Mr. Barath Raj. S


In the Healthcare industry, when it comes to Patient Safety and Security, the most debated and talked about subjects are Patient Identification and Patient Data Integrity. Fingerprint Recognition Technology has become part of our daily lives. Few of its most common uses are, timekeeping systems for payroll purpose and Smart-phones with the ability to identify users based on their finger prints. In the similar lines, some of the hospitals are exploring the use of fingerprint scanners. The approach has both benefits and drawbacks. Since the biological pattern found in the fingerprints of every individual is unique and permanent, the use of fingerprint biometrics would provide to be a reliable and accurate method to efficiently identify the patients. The best part of the fingerprint technology is that apart from safeguarding the patient’s information, it also protects against fraud and minimizes human intervention. Such use of this technology minimizes the need to enter new information into patients’ records, limiting the human element involved with data entry. Thus making it easier to match the patients’ records for his/her future visits. Organizations using the Fingerprint Recognition Technology mostly use the fingerprint scanners. Simply by placing a finger on a self-service kiosk or other reading device, the enrolled patients get registered quickly at the entry point of any facility, like the emergency department, inpatient areas or outpatient locations. Looking at the flip side of the coin, this technology tends to be more challenging and invasive for patients to accept and use at registration desk.