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Dynamic Programming Model based on Cost Minim...

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Dynamic Programming Model based on Cost Minim...

Dynamic Programming Model based on Cost Minimization algorithms for Thermal Generating Units

Author Name : Navpreet Singh Tung, Ashutosh Bhadoria, Kiranpreet Kaur, Simmi Bhadauria

ABSTRACT: Electricity companies normally run various units and they need to be committed because electrical energy cannot be stored in a wide-scale systems and load demand is a random variable process fluctuating with the time of the day and the day of the week. This problem generates a term called “Unit Commitment”. DP is one of the advanced techniques to solve the problem of unit commitment. It reduces the dimensionality of the combination and saves time, memory for the computation. It is the most refined algorithm and a powerful tool to solve various optimization problems. In this paper, a DP model is designed for thermal generating units which includes operating cost as the most imperative parameter to optimize. A chunk of unit output ranges is extracted and optimized operating cost is achieved corresponding to various load demands. Load is increased in small step sizes and no. of unit combinations to be derived for particular plant output is reduced in significant manner. A lot of computation time is saved while doing simulation as compared to enumeration technique. Simulation studies reflects different combination units against different load demands and operating cost is minimized for the total loads.