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E-Ambulance Traffic and Patient Monitoring Sy...

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E-Ambulance Traffic and Patient Monitoring Sy...

E-Ambulance Traffic and Patient Monitoring System

Author Name : Ramanababu Challapalli, Vemula Thrinadh Kumar, Kilari Namratha Harini, Komati Sai Dinesh Kumar, Sreeram Chaitanya

ABSTRACT An ambulance is a medically equipped vehicle in accident cases which transports patients to treatment facilities in hospitals. In some instances, hospitals are far away from accident places for medical care, In ambulances there is no automated communication system for severe accidents and the major problem in India and the ambulance is struck in traffic junctions, there is no other lane provided an ambulance .To clear the traffic at junctions for an ambulance, we are introducing a project intelligence signal system. Here we are providing an automated signal system for the ambulance. Now a day’s Wireless technology has been developed and used widely in different medical fields. This technology provides patients present health condition. By sensing the patients pulse rate and temperature and sends the information to the nearest hospital through SMS. The whole system is carried through Micro Controller, RF & GSM module.