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Effect of Nano oxide on the Compressive Stren...

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Effect of Nano oxide on the Compressive Stren...

Effect of Nano oxide on the Compressive Strength of Concrete

Author Name : Amit Kumar, Neetu

ABSTRACT: The application of engineering science in concrete has else a replacement dimension to the efforts to enhance its properties. Nano materials, by virtue of their terribly little particle size will have an effect on the concrete properties by sterilization the microstructure. This study considerations with the employment of nano oxide of size 236 nm to enhance the compressive strength of concrete. Associate experimental investigation has been administrated by commutation the cement with nano oxide of zero.3%, 0.6% and one hundred and twenty fifth b.w.c. The tests conducted on that shows a substantial increase in early-age compressive strength and a little increase within the overall compressive strength of concrete. The strength increase was discovered with the rise within the share of nano oxide.