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Effect of Size of Coarse Aggregate on Self Co...

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Effect of Size of Coarse Aggregate on Self Co...

Effect of Size of Coarse Aggregate on Self Compacting Concrete

Author Name : Saquib Ahmed, Prof. Anwar Alam, Pankaj Kumar


 Concrete is a adaptable extensively used construction material. Ever since concrete has been established as a material for construction, investigators have been trying to improve its quality and develop its presentation. Fresh changes in construction industry demand superior durability of structures. At present there is a large weight on presentation aspect of concrete. One such thought has led to the development of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC). It is measured as “the most revolutionary development in concrete construction”. SCC is a new kind of High presentation Concrete (HPC) with excellent deformability and segregation resistance. It can flow through and fill the gaps of reinforcement and corners of moulds without any need for vibration and compaction during the placing process.

The guiding principle behind self-compaction is that “the sedimentation velocity of a particle is inversely proportional to the viscosity of the floating medium in which the particle exists”. The other features of mix proportion of SCC include low water to cementitious material ratio, high volume of powder, high paste to aggregate ratio and less amount of coarse aggregate. One of the popularly employed techniques to produce Self Compacting Concrete is to use fine materials like Fly Ash, GGBFS etc; in concrete, besides cement, the idea being to increase powder content or fines in concrete.

The present investigation is aimed at developing high strength Self Compacting Concrete of M60 Grade. The parameters of study include grade of concrete and effect of size of aggregate. The existing Nan Su [2001] method of mix design was based on packing factor for a particular grade of concrete, obtained on the basis of experimental investigation. SCC characteristics such as flow ability, passing ability and segregation resistance have been verified using slump flow, L box and V funnel tests.

KEYWORDS: -Concrete, Self Compacting Concrete, Fly Ash, GGBS, SCC