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Energy balance on Soil - Tree Canopy System t...

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Energy balance on Soil - Tree Canopy System t...

Energy balance on Soil - Tree Canopy System through Urban Heat Island Mitigation

Author Name : Ahmed Hasson, Hussain Alaskari, Muhsin Jweeg

ABSTRACT: Baghdad is a large city, warmer than surrounding areas due to the urban heat island effect. The study is to determine the energy balance influenced the heat and mass transfer in soil water within the soil- trees canopy system. Bowen ratio techniques were used to obtain the field energy balance, including total latent heat flux. Soil latent heat flux was calculated from the differences between LE and LEc. These measurements were coupled with radiation measurements at the soil surface to partition the energy balance into soil and canopy components every hour throughout the daytime. Daily energy balance was strongly influenced by sensible heat flux transfer, and the radiation balance alone did not account for the magnitude or diurnal pattern of LEs and LEc. When the soil surface was wet after rainfall, LEs accounted for more than 87 % of LE even when LAI greater than 2.0 m2/m2.