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Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for Directional...

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Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for Directional...

Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for Directional Sensor Networks

Author Name : Akanksha Goel, Apra Gupta, Dr. Rajesh Kumar

ABSTRACT Sensor networks have consistently relied on Radio Frequency (RF) to provide connectivity between various sensor nodes and Cluster Head (CH). This paper provides potential role of Free Space Optical (FSO) communication within the wireless sensor networks. The requirements for Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol in directional sensor networks are different than traditional sensor networks. The protocol must be fast in providing access to the node and energy consumption must be least. In this paper, we propose an additional receiver at the CH which will give provide access to the urgent node. This new architecture will reduce the access energy consumption due to various collisions occurring at CH. The simulation results shows that energy consumed in the network is decreases with new state of art although energy consumed by additional receiver is added.