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Formulations and Evaluation of Herbal Antibio...

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Formulations and Evaluation of Herbal Antibio...

Formulations and Evaluation of Herbal Antibiotic Garlic Juice

Author Name : Nitesh Bendre, Prof. Kalyankar. P. P, Dr. Hingane. L. D.


Garlic also called as allium sativa , garlic is a species of bulbous flowering plants in the genus allium it is monocotyledonous plant with strong test and odor.traditional use of garlic to treat hypertension, asthma, TB , liver disorders , disenteryalso mainly use as antibiotics .garlic containsallicin , flavonoids and sulphur containing compound. Garlic is also uses as spices in food as a flavoring agent.It is easily available and herbal plant with large range of therapeutic activites.Traditionally garlic  is used toprovide strength and increase work capacity.Garlic is very useful for humans body.

Allicin is a chemical with large antimicrobial activities. Allicinis a defense chemical constituent in garlic. Allicin helps in tissue damage. Allicin can inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

In the formulation of herbal antibiotic juice  from garlic we use use5-10gm of dried garlic.

KEYWORDS:- allium sativa, disentery, allicin, proliferation, herbal.