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Green Marketing: An Overview

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Green Marketing: An Overview

Green Marketing: An Overview

Author Name : Nancy Sharma

ABSTRACT: Green marketing is a catchword these days. Branding green products is riskier due to the unknown and volatile nature of environmentally friendly products and customer reaction to marketing efforts.Green marketing subsumes greening products as well as greening firms. There are some reasons for environmental awareness; green product features, green promotion activities and green price affect price purchasing behaviour of the customers in positive way. Green revolution, going green, environmental protection, sustainable life style, sustainable development, protecting our earth and many more has become a natural phenomenon in our everyday life. Green Marketing also known as ecological marketing or environmental marketing has become a vital topic in today’s fastest growing world. Manufacturers across the world are worried about the declining condition of environment and thus heralding the pace of healthy growth of economy.Thispaper explores the awareness and attitude ofcustomers towards green marketing and their willingness to payextra money for green products. This paper is based on primary as well as secondary data. A sample of 50 consumers has taken.This paper tells about the magnitude of green marketing. This paper will provide a tremendous help to recognize the value of green marketing. If you don’t manage your business with respect to environmental and social sustainability, your business will not be continued!The objective of this paper is to explain the need and importance of green marketing and also to elucidate certain initiatives taken by the companies for green marketing practices.