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Hybrid Peak to Average Power Reduction Techni...

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Hybrid Peak to Average Power Reduction Techni...

Hybrid Peak to Average Power Reduction Technique in OFDM

Author Name : Renu, Dr. Umesh Gupta

ABSTRACT:  Two major limitations of OFDM systems are Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) and Inter Carrier Interference (ICI). Previously reported schemes like clipping and filtering, selected mapping, partial transmit sequence, tone reservation, and tone insertion provide PAPR reduction. Peak regrowth in clipping and filtering causes the transmitted signal to exceed the clipping level at some points. In case of selected mapping and partial transmit sequence technique; the transmitter needs some side information. Overall it is noticed that these techniques have large computational overhead. So, in this paper we used unmodified OFDM, SLM and Hybrid approachcomparison for following parameters: Symbol Error Rate (SER) at various output Back-Off (OBO) levels and performance analysis in terms of Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF) at various threshold values.