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Identification of Diatoms on the Basis of Ana...

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Identification of Diatoms on the Basis of Ana...

Identification of Diatoms on the Basis of Anatomical Pattern of Valve & Girdle View & its Forensic Significance

Author Name : Vichar Mishra, Munish K. Mishra, A.K. Gupta

ABSTRACT:  Diatom test is routinely performed in Forensic Diatomology section of Biology division at each Forensic laboratory either central or state for the query related to corpses which are recovered from water bodies or near to it. Biological samples of these corpses were examined in lab for the presence or absence of diatom frustules through which the medical experts concluded that the drowning death was ante or postmortem. Its clearly indicate that the frustule of diatom played a very important role as corroboratory evidence it means, morphological study of diatom frustules are very important. One should know, how the diatoms appeared in microscopic examination and what is the importance of the valve symmetry along with the axis. During the study of phytoplankton community especially diatoms of River Ganga and Yamuna at Sangam region of Allahabad, it was distinctly observed that the valve view of diatom is easily comparable and identified with the known database but there girdle view are least recognizable and create problems in identification. Thorough study of girdle view of diatoms of River Ganga and Yamuna is carried out in the year 2015 to 2016. After this study which is mainly focused on how to recognize and identified the diatom by there girdle view especially helps to such scientists, experts, and research scholars who are working for forensic diatomology community and other various fields related to diatoms.