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“Impact of Tourism on Agriculture with Spec...

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“Impact of Tourism on Agriculture with Spec...

“Impact of Tourism on Agriculture with Special Reference to Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh”

Author Name : Nausherwan Raunaque, Naghma Ahmadi, Asadullah Khan

The development of tourism destination areas has varied according to place, time andchangesin fashion, taste and political conditions as well as such local factors as topography, climate and land ownership patterns. In many parts of the world improved roads and other infrastructure have opened up the rural and agriculture based sites to domestic tourists and advances in sea and air travel provide easier access to international tourism.For the last fifteen to twenty years tourism has observed perpetual growth and significant diversification to become one of the swift growing economic zones in the world economy. International tourism arrivals have expanded at an annual rate of 6.2% for the past six decades, growing from 25 million to 980 million visitors (UNWTO, 2012). As growth has been observed,significant change taken place in the world's developing nations; and hence the number in international tourismincreased from 32% in 1990 to 47% in 2010 (UNWTO, 2012).