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Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of 3-Cyl...

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Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of 3-Cyl...

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of 3-Cylinder Engine

Author Name : Utsav, Raj Kumar

ABSTRACT  This work concentrates on the discussion of the engine design and mechanical relationships. We have used COMSOL 5.2 tool to analyses various thermodynamic and multi body analysis of the 3 cylinder engine. The simulation results have been justified with the theoretical results as well. Recent work on combustion development has shown that combustion systems, ports, valves and injector sizes are available for different sizes. The defining feature of an internal combustion engine is that useful work is performed by the expanding hot gases acting directly to cause movement of solid parts of the engine, by acting on pistons, rotors, or even by pressing on an moving the entire engine itself. This contrasts with external combustion engines, such as steam engines, which use an external combustion chamber to heat a separate working fluid, which then in turn does work, for example by moving a piston or a turbine.