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Nanotechnology and Nano-materials: an advance...

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Nanotechnology and Nano-materials: an advance...

Nanotechnology and Nano-materials: an advance developing approach for Indian Industries

Author Name : Kanwar Pal Singh

ABSTRACT : Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that is opening a new world of materials functionalities and performances. Nanotechnology is one of the most rapidly advancing scientific technologies today. Nanotechnology can be used for design and construction processes in many areas since nanotechnology generated products have many unique characteristics. Nanotechnology is one of the most active research areas that encompass a number of disciplines including civil engineering and construction materials. However, the potential for application of many of the developments in the nanotechnology field in the area of the construction industry is growing. Nanotechnology is a rapidly expanding area of research where novel properties of materials manufactured at the nanoscale can be utilized for the benefit of constructing infrastructure. In this paper a broad overview of the potential application of various nanotechnology developments in the Indian industries has been discussed, and the potential for further basic research that may lead to improved systems is evaluated.