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New Model-Bridge between Smart Technology and...

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New Model-Bridge between Smart Technology and...

New Model-Bridge between Smart Technology and Nature

Author Name : Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya, Bhavneet kaur Sachdev


Smart city is an excellent component to rejuvenate modern hazardous city life into a comfortable sustainable life .Implementation of various policies not only update but also provide a better life. Smart roadways underwater transportation channels, innovate water transport also provide and environmental friendly city life. Excellent sanitation rejuvenate city life but also provide a good public safety and health care management. Self defence and mental rehabilitation centre also provide an  excellent support for elder and new born care .Skill development along with door to door various facilities with one cyber one solution moto make a remarkable changes in modern human race. Construction of passive houses, Sustainable housing technologies, water harvesting, creating city lagoons , rain gardens to intercept store water Rain water harvesting  by installing a rain barrel linked to a pipe to collect rainwater from the rooftop . For the success of any policy it is a very important that there exist a strong relation between the government and private sector.

Keywords: water transport, modern road ways, one cyber one solution, baby care, sanitation system, Passive houses.