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“Orthodontic treatment of midline diastema ...

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“Orthodontic treatment of midline diastema ...

“Orthodontic treatment of midline diastema related to abnormal frenum attachment - A case series”.

Author Name : Dr. Amit Dahiya1, Dr. Minakshi Rana2, Dr. Arun Kumar3, Dr. Dayashankar4

ABSTRACT: Maxillary midline diastema is a common aesthetic problem in mixed and early permanent dentition. The space can occur either as a transient malocclusion or created by developmental or pathological factors. Many innovative therapies ranging from composite build up, surgical frenectomies and fixed orthodontics are available. In our cases frenectomy was performed for correction of maxillary midline diastema after the completion of orthodontic treatment. Long term retention was provided by fixed lingual retainers. Keywords: Midline diastema , Spacing, High frenum attachment.