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Performance comparison of firefly algorithm i...

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Performance comparison of firefly algorithm i...

Performance comparison of firefly algorithm in Global Routing Optimization

Author Name : Abhinandan Khan, Pallabi Bhattacharya, Subir Kumar Sarkar

ABSTRACT: Rapid technological advancements are leading to a continuous reduction in integrated chip sizes. An additional steady increase in the chip density is resulting in device performance improvements as well as severely complicating the fabrication process. The interconnection of all the components on a chip, known as routing, is done in two phases: the global and the local routing phases. This phase affects chip performance significantly and hence researched into extensively. Swarm based algorithms have proven to be quite useful in this domain. It is an emerging area in the field of optimization and this paper presents one such algorithm, the Firefly Algorithm for solving the routing optimization problem. The performance of the algorithm has been compared with other well-known swarm based algorithms. The proposed algorithm shows remarkable improvement in minimizing the interconnect lengths however, computationally, it is much more expensive compared to the other algorithms in question.