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Performance & Investigation on Bituminous Mix...

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Performance & Investigation on Bituminous Mix...

Performance & Investigation on Bituminous Mixes Using Natural Fibre

Author Name : Akash Budhwar, Pardeep

ABSTRACT: A bituminous paving mixture is a mixture of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and bitumen mixed in suitable proportion to result strong and durable mix to withstand traffic load. In this paving mix, normally cement and stone dust are used as filler material. An examination has been completed in this investigation to investigate the utilization of fly cinder, a result of a coal based warm power plant in bituminous clearing blends. For examination, control blends with bond and stone residue have additionally been considered. Marshall test has been considered with the end goal of blend configuration just as assessment of clearing blends. Other execution tests, for example, roundabout rigidity and held security have additionally been completed. It is seen that the blends with fly slag as filler show possibly second rate properties contrasted with control blends and fulfill wanted criteria determined by an a lot higher edge. Henceforth, it has been prescribed to use fly slag any place accessible, decreasing the expense of execution, yet in addition mostly comprehend the fly fiery debris usage and transfer issues. Watchwords: bituminous solid, Marshall properties, ideal bitumen content, roundabout elasticity, hold soundness.