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Re-Vitalizing Library Space for 21st Century ...

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Re-Vitalizing Library Space for 21st Century ...

Re-Vitalizing Library Space for 21st Century Users: a study of academic and public libraries

Author Name : Dimple M. Pandya, Dr. Maheshbhai Darbar

ABSTRACT The paper aim to highlight the modernization of information sources and services in current era and it put emphasis on revitalization of library space. It also discuss changing behavior of users towards information seeking after the development of ICT and Web2.0 To overcome changing requirement of new generation users it is necessary to re-engineering library space, sources and services. Review of various literatures has been done to indentified users requirement regarding library space and their changing demand towards information sources and services their changing expectation of new role of libraries is describe in this paper. Users survey have been done with the help of questionnaire to identify their requirement from libraries and interview of academic and public librarians have been done with the help of structured questionnaire. From the review of literature it is found that librarian’s need to revitalize library space. Today’s generation is more effected with socialize activities. So librarians need to give them space to socialize with their friends, peers and teachers. Where they can get all required information either in print or in digital form, they got expert help at this center; they want comfortable furniture to relax and learning, a small stationary shop where they get required stationary items with printing and scanning facilities and many others. Moreover, facilities to socialize with their peers and teachers are an added advantage. They can have fun with learning by conducting various learning programs in libraries.