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Review Paper on Comparison of various PID Con...

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Review Paper on Comparison of various PID Con...

Review Paper on Comparison of various PID Controllers Tuning Methodologies for Heat Exchanger Model

Author Name : Sumit, Ms. Kajal,

First-Order plus Delay-Time (FOPDT) model approximation can be carried out through either a kind of model reduction approach or a kind of system identification approach. In industrial applications heat exchanger plays a very vital role. In heat exchanger model controlling temperature range and achieving a desired temperature is a very complicated process. We can use different controlling techniques to achieve desired temperature. In this paper comparison of step response of Ziegler-Nichols PID controller (Method II), Cohen-Coon Method and Fuzzy logic controller has been developed for a heat exchanger model. A First-Order plus time delay system is very common in modern industry. For this particular model MATLAB simulations are carried out and responses are obtained for PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller.