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Road Safety on National Highways-Analysis & R...

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Road Safety on National Highways-Analysis & R...

Road Safety on National Highways-Analysis & Recommendation

Author Name : Pardeep, Prof. V.K. Ahuja

ABSTRACT: As India is a developing country but safety of road is not in good stage. Due to increase in vehicle population, accident rate is increasing. Accident causes to damage to health and property, social suffering and degradation of environment, death, disablement. In India situation of road is alarming.  Due to road accidents as records shows that there is one death at every 2.75  minutes.  The  high  accident rate  is  largely attributed to the inadequacy of the highways and other main roads to meet the traffic demands,  road  user behavior, vehicle defects,  poor  road  geometrics  and  visibility.  Road   accidents  inflict  heavy economic loss to the country. Road  Safety  is  necessary  to  reduce  accident  involving  both human  and vehicles there by making the road more safe and user friendly to traffic. NH-1 is one of the major connectivity from Delhi to Amritsar via Ambala which caters to the need of transportation of light goods to heavy goods and passengers. Study area was undertaken on road NH-1 from Sonipat to Karnal  with  stretch  Km 159/0  to Km157/0. The  study Stretch is a major connectivity  to  no.  of  heavy  industries. Due to increasing vehicles population numbers of accidents is rising.. The location where numbers of accidents is always or often occurs is called as black spot. Using severity index method and accident frequency the accident data is analyzed. To save the road users and minimize accidents the safety deficiencies were detected. In this thesis the deficiencies along with the measure for the further improvement have been presented.