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Rural Women Entrepreneurs: Some Concerns and ...

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Rural Women Entrepreneurs: Some Concerns and ...

Rural Women Entrepreneurs: Some Concerns and Importance

Author Name : Mandeep Kumar

ABSTRACT:  Women are considered as important human resource of the country and every state should try to utilize them as the mediators for the Economic Growth and Development of the Nation. Encouragement of Women Entrepreneurship is one of the ways for the Economic Growth of the country. But unfortunately, the traditional thinking and mindset of the society, on the one hand, and negligence of the state and respective authorities, on the other hand, are important obstacles in the way of development of Women Entrepreneurship in India. In spite of these, women of today break all the obstacles and involve themselves in various sectors and this way they are proving excellence. Nowadays, Rural women increasingly run their own business, even then their entrepreneurial potential, management skill remain largely neglected. Rural Women' economic and social development is necessary for the overall economic development of the nation. Women Entrepreneurship Development is the instrument for women Empowerment. Empowerment through entrepreneurship leads to self-fulfillment and makes women aware about their status, right and their position in the society. Entrepreneurship is considered to be a key for women empowerment especially in rural areas and hence promotion of women entrepreneurs is highly focused by government. This paper gives a brief view of the importance of women entrepreneurship and its influence on the empowerment of rural women. Also it throws light on constraints of rural women entrepreneurship with some solutions to overcome those.