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Sensitive U.V. Spectrophotometeric Assay Meth...

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Sensitive U.V. Spectrophotometeric Assay Meth...

Sensitive U.V. Spectrophotometeric Assay Method for the Determination of Pseudoephedrine in Serum

Author Name : Dr Niharika Verma


Pseudoephedrine (1) is an alkaloid, act as a central nervous system stimulant. A sensitive U.V. spectrophotometeric assay has been developed for the determination of 1 in normal human serum. The method described herein is simple and has quantitation limit of 25 µg/ml in normal human serum. The standard curve was linear over the range of 25-1000µ g/ml. The extraction efficiency of 1 from spiked normal human serum sample was more than 55%. The reproducibility was determined by the inter- and intra-assay variations which were <7%.

Key words: Pseudoephedrine, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, spectrophotometer