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Sensor Network for Different Applications: Re...

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Sensor Network for Different Applications: Re...

Sensor Network for Different Applications: Review

Author Name : Itisha Gupta, Romika Yadav, Garima

ABSTRACT: Sensor Network has its root from the past such as battlefield surveillance and due to progression of technology and its potential to be applicable to variety of fields make wireless sensor network a significant technology of 21st century. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) symbolize an up-and-coming set of technologies that will have intense effects across a range of medical, security, military and governmental applications [1]. Various applications of sensor network are surveyed that provides a novel approach that is more useful for the beginners. This paper defines critical assessment on applicability of wireless sensor network in variety of areas like traffic control, environment monitoring and surveillance, threat and fraud detection, health monitoring, security etc, that are to be researched further and they gives a particular type of knowledge based data i.e. more useful in research activities. This paper also focuses on some challenges confront by wireless sensor network like topology control, lack of node mobility, node failure, security breaching, and trespassing. This paper provides help to the beginners those who want to start research in sensor networks.