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Shashtikashali Pinda Sweden Procedure, benifi...

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Shashtikashali Pinda Sweden Procedure, benifi...

Shashtikashali Pinda Sweden Procedure, benifits, Review article

Author Name : Dr. Priyanka. Sopanrao kadam, Dr. Yogesh Shankar Surse


Inducing perspiration by using heated round packs of rice is referred as shashtikashali pinda Sweden. The whole body below the neck or a portion of the body is subjected to the svedana therapy and this belongs to the category of agnisveda, as well as Snigdha sveda, here shashtikashali refers to the rice that. Grown in 60days. This is also popularly known as navrakizhi, this is an easy and effective procedure of svedana and is ideal in healthy persons, in children and children and also in clients suffering from illness due to morbid Vata dosha(1).

Swedana (sudation), the process of therapeutic sweating is well explained in Ayurveda classical texts. Secondary to Snehana (oleation), it is considered as an important prerequisite to Panchakarma. Specific indications and contraindications should be strictly followed for the Swedana. Swedana can be broadly classified into Sagni Sweda (sweating is induced with the help of fire) and Niragni Sweda (sweating is induced without using fire). There are thirteen types of Sagni Sweda and ten types of Niragni Sweda described for various Swedana procedures. Among the thirteen varieties of Sagni Sweda, Sankar Sweada is one of the varieties of Sagni Sweda in which Pottali or Pinda (bolus, Kizhi in Kerala) containing prescribed drugs with or without being wrapped with clothes is used for fomentation. Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda (called as Navarkizhi in Kerala, India) is one of the important and special form of treatment used in Panchakarma. It comes under Snigdha (unctuous) Sankara Sweda in which fomentation is done with a bolus of Navara or Shashtika Shali (rice harvested in 60 days), milk, Balamoola Kwatha as the main ingredients. This is an effective procedure of Swedana used in patients suffering from the illness due to morbid Vata Dosha. A detailed study about the methodology and uses