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Steady State Modeling of Doubly Fed Induction...

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Steady State Modeling of Doubly Fed Induction...

Steady State Modeling of Doubly Fed Induction Generator

Author Name : Bhola Jha, Dr. K. R. M Rao

ABSTRACT: In Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG), stator is connected to the grid and rotor is appropriately controlled to maintain constant voltage and frequency at the grid. DFIG finds wide applications in wind energy and the wind speed keeps on changing; therefore the operation of DFIG becomes very much interesting and challenging. The rotor voltage should change in accordance with wind speed to pump the power to the grid at constant voltage and frequency. This rotor voltage is provided by Voltage Source Converter (VSC) control. In this paper, the converters are not modeled in detail, though, instead, the VSC is represented by its output – the rotor voltage – and this is modeled as the output of the VSC control. This paper presents the simulation and experimental results of the rotor voltage to be injected for different rotor speed. The results are cross-checked and found in line with the expectations.