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The effect of target with different wavelengt...

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The effect of target with different wavelengt...

The effect of target with different wavelength on accommodation error among Myopes

Author Name : Azmir Ahmad, Ai-Hong Chen, Yahaya NH

ABSTRACT: Myopes demonstrated larger accommodation error for near visual targets than emmetropes. This study was to investigate the comparison of accommodation error among myopes with different color component of visual targets. Four different colored rectilinear crosses; black, blue, green and red, on white background were used as visual target at the distance of 40 cm (+2.50 Diopter of accommodation demand). Accommodation error was calculated from the difference of the demand and response, measured using dynamic cross-cylinder procedure. One-way ANOVA showed a significant difference in accommodation error when subjects viewing different coloured targets (F(3, 92) = 16.72, p<0.001), while Tukey HSD test indicated the accommodation error with red color was significantly lower than the black. The finding implied that longer wavelength color affected accommodation greater than shorter wavelength.