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Unicystic Ameloblastoma in Anterior Maxilla -...

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Unicystic Ameloblastoma in Anterior Maxilla -...

Unicystic Ameloblastoma in Anterior Maxilla - A Rare Case

Author Name : Dr. Swati Sharma, Dr. Rashmi Sinha, Dr. Chitrita Gupta Mukherjee, Dr. Arvind Kumar Verma

ABSTRACT Unicystic ameloblastoma refers to those cystic lesions that show clinical, radiographic or gross features of a mandibular cyst, but on histologic examination show a typical ameloblastomatous epithelium lining part of the cyst cavity with or without luminal and/or mural tumor growth. They believed to be less aggressive and respond more favorably to conservative excision than the solid or multicystic ameloblastomas. We report a case of unicystic ameloblastoma of the anterior part of the maxilla that was treated by enucleation and use of Cornoy's solution under suspicion of lateral periodontal cyst. The nature of the lesion became evident only when the enucleated material was available for histologic examination.